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Every hour of every day, brave men and women of the Saskatoon Police Service put themselves in harm’s way to keep our city safe.

Since 1920, the Saskatoon Police Association has been their official voice, providing representation, resources and support for the people behind the badge.

Over 500 sworn police members strong, we represent our members in matters concerning employee benefits, discipline and contracts. We work with our fellow police associations to improve working conditions for officers here and across Canada.

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The Saskatoon Police Association Celebrates 100 Years

The Saskatoon Police Association began in 1920 and are celebrating representing the sworn  members of the Saskatoon Police Service for 100 years!

February 9, 2020 Read More

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Saskatoon Police  Association
Saskatoon Police Association1 year ago
Saskatoon Police Association board members attend the annual Canadian Police Association meetings this week to discuss issues that effect our police officers and advocate on their behalf to officials of Canada's government.
Saskatoon Police  Association
Saskatoon Police Association2 years ago
Members of the Saskatoon Police Association join hundreds of others in support for the family and community of fallen Fire Fighter, Darrell Morrison in Rosetown yesterday.
Saskatoon Police  Association
Saskatoon Police Association2 years ago
Members from the Saskatoon Police Association attended the Western Canadian Labour Conference to discuss issues facing police services across the nation. Cannabis legalization and Mental Health of first responders were some of the topics discussed.
Saskatoon Police  Association
Saskatoon Police Association2 years ago
Great work by Saskatoon Police to sponsor such an endeavour and an even better job by it's members! This video is further evidence they put it all into everything they do!

Saskatoon Police  Association
Saskatoon Police Lip Sync Video
Remember those lip sync challenges going around amongst Police Services over the last month or so? We do, and at the time we heard from many in our community...
Saskatoon Police  Association
Saskatoon Police Association2 years ago
It is a double-edged sword when you are "honoured" at the Saskatoon Police Association annual Retirement Social and Pig Roast. Special thanks to the Social Committee and to Chris Harris for the hilarious and edgy roast of the recently retired members. Congratulations to those who retired!

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3 weeks ago
https://t.co/uvzlSW2qlg. Let’s examine this misleading headline and article. 2.8 million calls 5k times firearms are pointed. That is 0.0018% of calls had firearms drawn -not fired- just at the ready. Now let’s consider that there is a person with a weapon
4 weeks ago
"What we are seeing across this country is demand on the police is actually increasing year over year, and of course that drives costs and the need for funding and resources," @StamatakisCPA said. https://t.co/j19M6Ytu1Z
2 months ago
Hope everyone can join us in sending send their thoughts and prayers to the @CFSnowbirds, first responders and the Kamloops community affected by this morning’s accident. https://t.co/MaHOtA8J6Z SPAssoc photo
2 months ago
Congratulations to the eight new police officers joining the @SaskatoonPolice in the service and protection of this great city! https://t.co/DaDg6WJ0a9 SPAssoc photo
2 months ago
In Honour of Cst.Heidi Stevenson @rcmpgrcpolice @RCMPNS from @SaskatoonPolice serving @SPAssoc former serving members. Megwich for your service. Prayers for peace for your family. https://t.co/DgwMP2plCt SPAssoc photo
3 months ago
A moving video of WPA members tribute to our brothers and sisters ⁦ @rcmpmb⁩ ⁦ @RCMPNS⁩ and all of the victims and their families in Nova Scotia https://t.co/p3eFbPpv1d SPAssoc photo

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